One simple platform for any event

ALSHARQ offers a comprehensive event management software in Qatar that simplifies event registration and access control with minimal human interference. With a user-friendly platform, organizing any event becomes hassle-free

Efficient and User-Friendly Event Organization Solution

ALSHARQ offers feature-packed yet simple event management software in Qatar. Build and publish multilingual registration forms, accept credit card payments in multiple currencies, automate event communication and reminders, and print name tags, badges, bracelets or attendance certificates effortlessly

Build & publish multilingual registration forms

Create and publish multilingual registration forms. Capture attendee information accurately in multiple languages to cater to diverse audiences.

Accept credit card payments in multiple currencies

Our software allows you to accept credit card payments in multiple currencies. Provide seamless payment options to your attendees, making the registration process convenient and efficient.

Automate confirmations, event communication & reminders

Save valuable time and effort by automating routine tasks, guaranteeing smooth and efficient communication throughout your event.

Print name tags, badges, bracelets or attendance certificates

Efficiently manage event logistics using our powerful software. Generate professional name tags, badges, bracelets, and attendance certificates to enhance on-site operations and organization.

Deliver a new virtual experience with every event

ALSHARQ revolutionizes virtual events in Qatar. Enhance attendee engagement with a virtual event launcher linked to your preferred apps, customizable event branding, attendee unique QR codes, event schedules with notes, and navigable venue maps. 

Let's make it virtual

Our event platform empowers you to create seamless virtual event experiences. Engage attendees with customizable event branding, unique attendee QR codes, event schedules with notes, navigable venue maps, and integrated virtual event launchers. Enjoy a comprehensive solution that maximizes attendee participation and satisfaction without compromising on quality.

Monitor precisely your venue capacity across multiple zones

Discover our advanced event software that offers sophisticated capacity monitoring features. Keep track of real-time venue capacity across multiple zones, ensuring regulatory compliance and providing attendees with an exceptional experience.

Clear detailed confirmations

Our comprehensive event organization solution offers clear and detailed confirmations for attendees. Tailor confirmation receipts with event branding, unique attendee QR codes, customized notes, and payment confirmation receipts. Keep attendees well-informed and engaged through professional and customized confirmation communications.

  1. Your event branding
  2. Attendee unique QR code
  3. Customized notes & information about the event
  4. The event schedule with custom notes about each day
  5. Navigable event venue map
  6. Virtual event launcher, linked to the apps of your choice
  7. Payment confirmation receipt
  8. Your social media accounts

Your event branding: Promote your event with customized event branding on confirmation receipts. Enhance brand visibility and create a cohesive event experience with personalized event branding options offered by ALSHARQ's event management software in Qatar