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Backed by the hefty leap and proliferation of technology and smart solutions, and inspired by the long expertise of the parent company Dar Al Sharq, whose march extends beyond 35 years; Al Sharq Technology is established with the aim of connecting people through futuristic technology, smart applications and provide top-tier services to the local, regional and international market as well.
Under the necessity of independence and as an extension of our main activity of IT, we launched our branch “Al Sharq Technology” under the umbrella of the parent company, to provide full range services, adding more to our scope of work.

CEO Speech

Our valued customers and partners in the march of success Greetings,
In Al Sharq Technology, we do pride ourselves that we are crafted as an outcome of a long-serving experiences since our first point of departure under the umbrella of Dar Al Sharq in 1986. The-then expanding work requirements at Dar Al Sharq that included unrelenting administrative, financial and information technology needs have forced Al Sharq to attract the best competencies and top talents in the fields of media and digitization to generate the nonpareil and choicest technical solutions, that commensurate with the strategic visions that we are seeking to present to our clients.
In view of the fact that technology and digital solutions are among the most staggeringly evolving fields and have become the sinew on which we depend in all aspects of our life, and this can be reflected in the integrated services we provide. Through these services, we seek to be an integral part of the technical activity of our customers. We pursue to offer them an erudite consultation, enabling them to succeed in their projects, achieve their goals and live up the aspirations for the future. We have an unassailable belief that the relationship with our customers may develop into reinforceable bond as far as technology is developing and we can continue as an unwavering supporter for the growth of our partners’ businesses and help them meet their goals and needs.
If you are looking to embark on any of your business, it is recommended that you should employ the best technologies and software that provide you with cost-efficient and effort saving economic, financial and administrative solutions.
So, be resolved and make the right decision from the beginning, wishing you all success


Why US


Introducing first-rate IT expertise to the local and regional technology market


Rendering services that open up new possibilities for our today’s world. We strive to build a client network and a new scope of work that maximizes the potentials of people, organizations, and societies, giving them the opportunity to shine, excel and advance.


- Bring the market state-of- the- art smart solutions
- Build a lineage of research and development in technology for the long-term in the region
- Provide creative smart products in digitalization for our local market


- Excellence
- Trust
- Creativity
- Innovation

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