How to create an online store?


The process of creating an online store that helps your customers easily access your products or services, find their favorite products and make purchases seamlessly is essential to laying the foundations for your business success.

Creating an online store helps you achieve the most profit through your website, here we highlight the steps for creating an online store:

1- Start with the plan
 Think about the layout and design of the online store and you will need to develop a strategy and goals for your online store to achieve what you want.

Make sure that your goals are customer service, making more profits for your business, and promoting your brand.

2- Choose the platform and field

The next step is to choose a platform and domain for your e-commerce site. You will need to carefully select the domain name or website URL. Your domain name should be short, reflective of your brand, easy to memorize, and memorable.

3- Create an online store design

  After you have chosen the main domain and platform for your online store, you should start designing your store layout. You can start by creating a sitemap or a simple outline of the pages on your website.

4- The online store code

Perhaps the most important element in developing your online store is web coding or back-end store development which includes coding the store to work as it should. You can decide if you want to mark up the store site manually or use a content management system (CMS).

5-Think about the content

After completing the design, you should think about the content and pages that you want to include in the online store, such as product lists, customer reviews, videos, customer wish lists, prices, and delivery.

Once you've created your content map, the rest of the steps of your e-commerce web development process will be a little easier.

6- Your online store is ready to launch

Once you have completed the above steps, your online store will be ready to launch and start attracting new customers and increasing your sales, but before launching your store, it is best to test it and make sure that everything in your store is working well and efficiently such as purchases, payment, customer reviews, and other services In-store.

The prices for setting up the online store at Al Sharq Technology start from a minimum of 5,000 Qatari riyals. With each addition as a service, space, or feature of the online store, the cost of the online store increases.

We have a team specialized in creating online stores and activating all the commercial services you need in your online stores.

The online store is an e-commerce website or application where customers can view and purchase products or services electronically. An online store is a virtual physical retail site in which products are displayed and sold on a website. Customers can also browse products or services and choose the appropriate option for them. As for companies and business owners, the presence of the online store is important to promote the brand, enhance its presence in the online market, and provide customers with the latest information, products, and services at the lowest possible costs. Benefits of the online store

It allows you to communicate directly and personally with your customers, improve customer loyalty and retention and have full access to customer information such as email, phone number, browsing history, purchase, and sales, helps you to make improved business decisions, operations, products, and services, the online store saves you 100% of your sales revenue instead of external costs, and the online store enhances the independence of your business.

Customized kind of CMS that fit all the needs of your online store

- WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress. WooCommerce supports transforming a WordPress website into an e-store.

- Magento is a platform with built-in PHP, which helps programmers create eCommerce websites.

Magento is famous as the leading open-source eCommerce platform. The system is developed in PHP which enables store owners to build their online businesses with ease. The platform supports all business sizes and meets business needs for B2B, Omnichannel, Mobile Commerce, etc. Besides, Magento allows integrating with multiple extensions from third parties, creating distinct digital retail experiences.

- Customized CMS

A content management system helps manage the creation and modification of digital content. Customizing a CMS allows business owners to easily place and manage content. It includes digital content such as photos, videos, documents, marketing materials, etc.


We Support you beyond in your online store 

Al Sharq Technology’s teams provide you with technical support after the completion of the project and the launch of your online store website. And if you need technical support or are considering upgrading your existing store, we have all the perfect options to help you develop, repair, or make any updates to your online store.